Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have advanced tremendously with digital technologies and can offer you a solution to your hearing loss. Hearing aids are far less noticeable while wearing them these days and the sound quality is simply amazing. If you’re struggling to have conversations with family and friends, it’s time to talk to us and give hearing aids a chance to improve your life.

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There are many places you can get a hearing aid, but coming to a doctor of audiology for your hearing aids ensures a higher level of professional service. At Audiology and Speech Solutions, we offer a level of care that only comes with years of experience helping people with hearing loss and compassion for each individual’s needs.

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Speech Pathology

We offer a comprehensive service of audiology and speech. If you or your child are having difficulty communicating through speech our vast experience in both hearing and speech enables us to provide greater insight when providing speech pathology services. We can treat conditions such as auditory processing disorders.

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Audiology and Speech Solutions provides comprehensive audiological, speech, language and auditory processing evaluations as well as individual and group therapy using a unique proven approach.


Dr. Nancy Datino has developed an un-match level of care through years of experience, both personal and professional when it comes to helping those with communication disorders or conditions. Her professional speciality as a speech pathologist and audiologist combined with her personal experience helping children with special needs make her not only a exceptional doctor, but a valuable resource of information.

Speech and Language

When first learning about speech and language, it’s important to define some basic terms. Many people use the words speech, language, and communication somewhat interchangeably. How do we communicate? What’s the difference between speech and language? What could cause difficulties with communication?

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The Basics of Hearing

The process of hearing seems simple enough on the surface: we hear a sound, we recognize the sound, and we react to the sound. How do our ears work? Why would we struggle to hear? What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

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Understanding Tinnitus

We’ve all experienced some form of tinnitus at some point or another. Action movies notoriously use a tinnitus sound effect after an explosion. What is Tinnitus? Is tinnitus a condition or a symptom? Can I stop the “ringing” in my ears?

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Advice For Parents

If your child has special needs, you are not alone. The thought of this is daunting to many parents, but we have some helpful tips for you to help your through the process. What should you do if your child has special communication needs? What are warning signs of special needs?

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Dr. Nancy Datino

Dr. Nancy Datino

Over 30 Years of Experience…

Helping people with hearing loss as well as speech and language disorders.

Her previous experience includes many years of employment at the world renowned League for the Hard of Hearing, where she achieved the position of Clinical Supervisor in Pediatric Audiology, the coordination and implementation of services at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Children’s Hearing Intervention Program, as well as Director of Speech and Hearing at Hudson Valley United Cerebral Palsy.

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As a parent with a special needs child, I have walked a path similar to other parents. The surprise, sadness and acceptance of diagnoses: wading through a complex journey of medical care, specialists, special education and more. I have developed advocacy skills I never thought I had; found options for my son even in the face of being told, no that is impossible. I know deep in my heart that I am my son’s best advocate.

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