Aural Rehabilitation

Aural Rehabilitation

Aural rehabilitation or “Aural rehab,” is the process of diagnosing and describing a hearing loss, followed by the implementation of different individualized therapies. We use aural rehab in our practice as an important component in the overall care of our patients. We see our patients as more than a set of ears and a hearing test. The goal of our aural rehab therapies is to not only treat hearing loss, but focus on the individual needs and difficulties each client has. We hope you entrust your hearing healthcare in our practice – one that views you as a completely unique individual.

Steps in an aural rehab program for adults

Assessment of impact of hearing loss

This includes not only a basic hearing assessment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, but also several communication assessments to understand the client’s individual needs. 

Assessment for the use of hearing aids and or assistive listening devices

TTaking into account both the hearing test and other assessments, which may examine tinnitus, effect of hearing loss on quality of life, and readiness for hearing aids, we discuss a myriad of different options selected to suit each unique individual.

Assessment of listening strategies and speech reading skills – While hearing aids provide clients with access to sound that they are missing, this may not be enough for quality communication and processing. The below strategies can help bolster communication alongside hearing aid technology.

Listening strategies: The process of teaching someone who has a hearing loss different strategies to improve their ability to communicate when listening with or without amplification.

Speech reading: The process of using, teaching, or understanding communication using visual cues observed from the speaker’s mouth, facial expressions, and hand movements.

Auditory Training: The process of teaching an individual with a hearing loss the ability to recognize speech sounds, patterns, words, phrases, or sentences via audition.

Unisensory: Therapy philosophy that centers on extreme development of a single sense for improving communication.

Developing a treatment program including the family

For many individuals, family support is crucial for hearing rehabilitation. We aim to provide the best options for not only the individual, but the best option for them to connect with family and loved ones.

Counseling to ease the adjustment to hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices and to the possible psychological, emotional, and occupational impacts of hearing loss.

Delivery of the treatment program

Hearing aid orientation: The process of providing education and therapies to persons (individual or group) and their families about the use and expectations of wearing hearing aids to improve communication.

Outcome measures

Other treatment Strategies:
The Lace Program
Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) is an interactive computerized aural rehabilitation program conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco, and has already helped thousands of people who live with some degree of hearing loss increase their listening skills by up to 45%. We don’t really hear in our ears; we hear in our brain. Hearing aids can help a person detect softer sounds, but they don’t necessarily provide good listening skills. Even people with normal hearing can be poor listeners, and good listening skills are an essential component in effective communication. Other components include rapid thought processing, auditory memory, use of language skills, and interactive strategies. These abilities can be damaged both by hearing loss and by the natural aging process. LACE is designed to enhance the ability to communicate by training the brain to best utilize these skills. Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE will help you develop skills and strategies to deal with situations in which hearing is inadequate. Whether you wear hearing aids, are just acquiring aids, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds of life.