What are the five signs of hearing loss

Anyone can experience hearing loss at any point in their lives. Hearing loss can be congenital or acquired through sudden or long-term noise exposure. In essence, a number of things can lead to hearing loss.  Noise, aging, illness, and inheritance can all contribute to hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, and mixed hearing […]

Hearing: The Basics

The process of hearing seems simple enough on the surface: we hear a sound, we recognize the sound, and we react to the sound. In reality, however, hearing is a complex process that requires the coordination of a number of different body parts and functions. To hear well, sound must travel through the outer ear, […]

Auditory Processing Disorder

When a child has an auditory processing disorder, he has difficulty processing the information he takes in through his auditory (hearing) system. In other words, children who have auditory processing disorders have difficulty making sense of what they hear. The term “auditory processing” can be a confusing one at first, though. It’s easy to make […]

Swimmers Ear

Swimmers Ear

A swimmer’s ear infection affects the external auditory canal, which connects the eardrum to the exterior of the skull. It is frequently caused by water that lingers inside the ear, which creates a wet environment that promotes the growth of bacteria. Otitis externa is another name for a swimmer’s ear.  In most cases, ear drops […]

Red Flags For Autism In Toddlers

One of my passions as a pediatric speech-language therapist is helping parents understand the early signs and symptoms of autism. Autism is a complex disorder that requires systematic and often intense treatment, but there is much hope for children who receive this diagnosis, especially if they are diagnosed at a young age and receive treatment […]

What Does It Means To Have A Normal Hearing?

You had a hearing test more than 5 years ago and were told you had normal hearing.  You’ve noticed some problems hearing lately and have begun to wonder if you no longer have normal hearing.  But you might also be wondering what exactly does it mean to have normal hearing? Part of the test that […]

Don’t Forget To Breath

As a parent with a special needs child, I have walked a path similar to other parents. The surprise, sadness and acceptance of diagnoses: wading through a complex journey of medical care, specialists, special education and more. I have developed advocacy skills I never thought I had; found options for my son even in the […]

The Link Between A Woman’s Diet And Hearing Loss

As people age, many lose some of their hearing. Experts say that, of those over the age of 75, about half have hearing loss. Not being able to hear well can make it hard to communicate. That can affect relationships with loved ones, friends, and coworkers.  A new study shows that there is a link […]

The Cost of Untreated Hearing Loss

We focus a great deal on the impact an untreated hearing loss has on the person who can’t hear.  But what is the impact of the loss on their friends and family?  What is the financial impact of the inability to hear? The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) conducted a study commissioned by the […]

The Connection Between Heart Disease And Hearing Loss

The connection of heart disease, hearing loss, and age, as well as conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and other vascular diseases.  But what does all have to do with your ears? The Link A growing body of research suggests that hearing loss and cardiovascular disease are often linked. The nature of this connection is still […]