Meet George

In his early 80s, George Berlstein was first diagnosed with hearing loss. At his wife’s suggestion, he consulted an audiologist in Manhattan where he was living. He was fitted with a pair of hearing aids that worked reasonably well. Even with the best technology of its time, he quickly realized that his hearing aids needed frequent adjustments. Fortunately, he was able to easily schedule an appointment to quickly meet with his audiologist who made the necessary adjustments and he was able to hear well again.

Costco is challenging

Few years later, he decided to upgrade his hearing aids. After shopping around, he bought a new pair from Costco at a very attractive price. But again, he realized his hearing aids needed frequent adjustments. However, this time it took several weeks to get an appointment at Costco. The drive was long and not easy. So, while waiting for several weeks for his appointment, he was unable to hear well and communicate effectively with his wife. In addition, as a life-long lover of classical music, he was unable to partake in his passion of listening. So, he felt imprisoned and decided to get help. But this time for service.

Exceptional experience with Audiology and Speech Solutions

A neighbor at Osborn, a senior living center in Rye, NY, suggested he call Audiology and Speech Solutions and make an appointment with Dr. Nancy Datino. When he got an appointment in the next day, he was delighted. Dr. Datino adjusted his Costco-purchased hearing aids and he was able to hear well again.

Subsequently, every time he needed adjustments (and he did even with the best technology!); he had the same consistent exceptional experience. According to George, “Dr. Nancy Datino is very good to me. In fact, she is much better than my Manhattan audiologist”.

When the time came to upgrade his hearing aids again, he got a new pair of hearing aids from Audiology and Speech well-fitted to his hearing profile. He still needs occasional adjustments and every time he has the same wonderful personalized experience. Says George Berlstein, “Hearing aids without prompt, personalized service are not as valuable since they are either not in your ears or have subpar performance”.

So, what’s the value of exceptional hearing care provided by Audiology and Speech Solutions?

Relentless focus on personalized service for better patient outcomes.

According to George, a Yale-educated attorney who practiced over 40 years before retiring, “Service is more than half the value in the hearing-aid purchase”. This is contrary to what typical retailers like Costco focus on – where even commissions for sales personnel are usually based mainly on the price of the hearing aids and less on service or loyalty.

Dr. Nancy Datino at Audiology and Speech has a different philosophy. She focuses on personalized service for better patient outcomes to build life-long patient loyalty.

Listening is happiness.

A few years later, George’s wife needed hearing aids. She too got them fitted by Dr. Datino. Says George gleefully, “Now we both listen to each other and have no problems. We are grateful that we can enjoy life to its fullest even during this awful pandemic. Without hearing aids, in social settings, we would have had to decode lip movements which is impossible with masks. Now, I can listen effortlessly and enjoy the most sublime nuances of classical music. And both my wife and I are so happy with an active social life at the Osborn. Can one ask for more at this ripe age of 91? I am so grateful to Dr. Nancy Datino of Audiology and Speech and will recommend her to others with similar needs”.

About Audiology and Speech Solutions

The team at Audiology and Speech Solutions strives every day to help people of all ages communicate better to improve your quality of life and attain the best outcomes. We provide comprehensive audiological, speech, language, and auditory processing evaluations, as well as individual and group therapy, using a unique, proven and highly personalized integrated approach based on the best practices and technologies. We simply want to help you hear and communicate more easily. We do this with compassion, great scheduling, and on-time appointments, all wrapped up in a professional and comforting environment.