Hearing Aid Pricing

Hearing Aid Pricing

Hearing aids can be a big investment. Most practices “bundle” their hearing aid prices. This means you pay one lump sum for the devices and all included services. It can be tricky to determine exactly what you’re paying for when this expensive model is used. With the unbundled model, you’re able to see exactly what you’re paying for – and only get exactly what you need.

Unbundling is an individualized service plan that makes sure you get exactly what you need – and you don’t pay for anything extra! Each service plan comes with a set number of services to suit you – and should you need anything more in the future? Our pricing and fees are completely transparent, no hidden costs here.

Each service plan includes three basic appointments – a baseline hearing test, a hearing aid evaluation and communication needs assessment, and your hearing aid fitting. In these three appointments we will make sure you get the right hearing aids for you – and that they are expertly fit to your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Yearly hearing tests and hearing aid follow-ups are recommended. Beyond this, different number of follow-ups are included with each plan, depending on how much support you need. Things a little harder than you thought? Add on more appointments, no problem!

All devices, regardless of service plan, come with 2-3 year warranties in case of emergencies. Devices also come with loss and damage coverage that can be used if a device is lost or broken beyond repair.