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Audiology & Speech Solutions

Hear Better, Live Better

Better is Just a Phone Call Away.

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Audiology and Speech Solutions provides comprehensive audiological, speech, language and auditory processing evaluations, as well as individual and group therapy, using a unique, proven approach.

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We can optimize your hearing no matter how old or young you are.


Is tinnitus a condition or a symptom? Can I stop the “ringing” in my ears?

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Our expertise provides exceptional hearing health care.

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We specialize in several speech and language conditions and disorders.

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Not sure if hearing loss is impacting you on a day-to-day basis? Take our hearing quiz for a little more insight on how your hearing may be having a negative impact.

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We want your first visit to our office to be an enjoyable experience. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you come in and see us for the first time.

Nancy Datino, Au.d.

Nancy Datino, Au.d.

Owner & Audiologist

Dr. Nancy Datino, the Principle Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Audiology and Speech Solutions, P.C., is a provider of personalized and integrated care for individuals with hearing, speech, language and learning difficulties.With over 35 years of experience with individuals with hearing loss, hearing aids, and therapy, Dr. Datino provides individualized treatment by taking your unique circumstances into account.

"It's well worth being able to hear the world clearly!"

I had the great good fortune to meet Dr. Nancy Datino at one of her presentations on hearing loss, and how it can affect many aspects of one’s life. I never thought I had any hearing loss, but decided to go for a test, as I had never had one. I always thought that some people just mumbled, or that the sound on the TV wasn’t clear because of technical issues.

When I learned that I really did have a loss, I was surprised……..BUT when Nancy put on some hearing aids for me to try..I was amazed at how bright and clear sounds became! I was truly delighted. To Nancy’s credit, she NEVER urged me to get them and, said I could think about it. If I decided to pursue it, I could make an appointment. I knew right away, after I got home, that I wanted to do that. So I now have my wonderful aides, (that are hardly visible) and hear now, what I had been missing all along!

At my age, I have many senior friends who have hearing loss, but seem stubborn about doing anything about it. For some reason, they resist, feeling it an “old thing.” Or perhaps the expense scares them off. But I am here to say, it’s well worth being able to hear the world clearly and not having to ask people to repeat what they say. It is particularly great in a venue where there is a speaker with many people, or in a restaurant where it is difficult to hear the conversation.

I can’t recommend Nancy enough! She is a thorough professional and very knowledgeable about her field. She is patient and caring, and really emphasizes the needs of each person. She tailors the aides to each person and always available to help customize the settings. It’s really not necessary to tolerate hearing loss and it can truly make a difference in the quality
of one’s life.

Sincerely, Rita S.

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