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Aural rehabilitation or “Aural rehab,” is the process of diagnosing and describing a hearing loss, followed by the implementation of different individualized therapies. We use aural rehab in our practice as an important component in the overall care of our patients. 

At Audiology and Speech Solutions, we see our patients as more than a set of ears, and the goal of aural rehab therapies is to assist individuals with hearing loss in compensating for the problems that it causes. We hope you entrust your hearing healthcare in our practice – one that views you as a completely unique individual.

Aural Rehabilitation in Rye, NY

We have a step-by-step process designed to help you understand your hearing, learn how your hearing instruments work, realize strategies for listening in different situations, and practice rehabbing your auditory processing system.
The Hearing Wellness Journey isn’t so much a training program as it is an implementation program.

This aural rehab program can even work with any current hearing aids you are using (as long as they are set at levels that your audiologist has deemed are optimal for you and your level of hearing loss).

Yes, you’ll learn strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have an easy step-by-step plan that allows your brain to adapt, challenge your current listening capabilities, and ensure you have the best outcome possible for your type and degree of hearing loss.

“Hearing Wellness Journey”

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Audiology and Speech Solutions provides aural rehabilitation in Rye, NY, and nearby locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are willing to pay for audiology services out of pocket, self-referral is possible. There’s no need to see a doctor to get a referral if you are not going to avail any insurance benefits. However, if you are going to avail insurance for an audiologist consultation, a referral is needed.
Currently, all diagnostic audiological procedures covered by Medicare need a physician referral, with the main requirement influencing reimbursement being the purpose of testing. Medicare covers procedures that are medically necessary and appropriate for a patient’s treatment and diagnosis. The physician must write in the medical record the specific sign, symptom, or complaint that necessitates the service for each treatment charged.
A hearing instrument specialist is state-licensed hearing health professional trained to evaluate common types of hearing loss in adults and fit hearing aids. Audiologists are the primary health-care doctors who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in individuals of all ages from infants to adults and the elderly. Audiologists are also versed in fitting and fine tuning hearing technologies including hearing aids and surgically implanted devices.
Hearing aid dispensers (HADs) are fully qualified professionals who assess hearing and provide hearing aid aftercare. To employ hearing technology, hearing aid dispensers must be qualified and apply for a license. Audiologists can evaluate and diagnose a broader spectrum of hearing and balance issues. An audiologist is better suited for providing services related to balance problems, earwax impactions, and noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing aid maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and fitting adjustments can be performed by either specialist.

As audiologists and speech language pathologists, we focus on holistically treating all aspects of communication through diagnostics.