Dr. Nancy L. Datino, Au.D, CCC-A/SLP

Principal Audiologist and Speech Pathologist

Meet the Doctor

Nancy Datino, Au.D. is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist providing hearing aids, hearing tests, and integrated care for individuals with hearing, speech, language, listening and learning difficulties in Westchester County, NY.

Dr. Nancy Datino is the principal Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Audiology and Speech Solutions, P. C. – a provider of personalized and integrated care for individuals with hearing, speech, language, listening and learning difficulties. She has over 35 years of experience in helping people with hearing loss and speech and language challenges, through technology and therapeutic intervention. Her professional specialty as both an audiologist and a speech-language pathologist, combined with her personal experience helping individuals with special needs, makes her both an exceptional doctor and a valuable source of information. Her approach to caring for people with communication difficulties is centered on mutual respect for the individual and their specific needs.

Dr. Datino spent her early career as a Supervisor of Audiology at the world-renowned League for the Hard of Hearing, where she achieved the position of Clinical Supervisor in Pediatric Audiology, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In this position, Dr. Datino was responsible for heading up the Children’s Hearing Intervention Program, and served as the Director of Speech and Hearing at Hudson Valley United Cerebral Palsy. She shared her love of the field with students at several universities in the area, as Dr. Datino held the position of Adjunct Professor/Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University, Brooklyn College, Yeshiva University and Mercy College.

Dr. Datino has contributed significantly to the field through her clinical work, as well as presentations at state and national workshops. Later in her career, she wanted to bring her experience and expertise, and lifelong passion for helping individuals overcome their communication challenges, to her home community. Nancy lives and works in Westchester County, NY.

Who We Are

Audiology and Speech Solutions is an audiology and hearing aid clinic with expert audiologists that provides comprehensive hearing care services, hearing tests, tinnitus evaluation, customized hearing rehabilitation, cochlear implants, and speech language pathology and evaluation in Rye & Westchester, NY.

Just like your primary care doctor, choosing a speech-language pathologist or audiologist is an important decision in your healthcare journey. Your first and foremost consideration is the rapport between you or your loved one and the speech-language therapist and/or audiologist. This rapport comes with a holistic, patient-centric approach to solving communication difficulties.

At Audiology and Speech Solutions, we believe in an integrated and highly individualized approach where we are a part of your or your loved one’s medical team to:

Enable Close Collaboration – We work closely and collaboratively with your or your loved one’s doctors, healthcare professionals, school, hearing instrument companies, and omit  your workplace to enhance your quality of life and attain the best possible outcomes.

Customized Evaluations – We perform in-depth evaluations with comprehensive reports, which helps you, your loved ones, and other professionals understand your communication strengths and deficiencies. We dedicate as much time as necessary to identify your or your loved one’s needs to develop an effective individualized treatment program.


Personalized Treatments and Therapies – One therapy or treatment approach doesn’t fit all. So, Therefore, we tailor our therapies to help every individual overcome their challenges and improve their quality of life to attain the best outcomes.

Utilize Latest Technology – We incorporate computers, tablets, cell phones, hearing aids, and devices you already routinely utilize in your treatment plan. We help you practice what you learn in therapy and apply it to your daily life.

Apply State-of-the-art Therapies – We keep abreast of the latest to enhance our practice and your treatment. Our speech pathologists and audiologists regularly attend conferences and meetings to stay current on best practices. We regularly consult with all relevant medical team members to discuss difficult cases and determine the best treatment plans.

Bring Breadth and Depth of Experience – Our speech pathologists and audiologists have advanced training and certification in specialized areas. They have decades of experience working with children and adults with hearing loss, speech and language disorders, auditory processing disorders, cochlear implants, hearing aids, autism/Asperger’s syndrome, childhood apraxia, and learning disorders. Dr. Nancy Datino is a member of an exclusive group of 5 percent of audiologists that are dual-certified in both Speech-Language Pathology.

What We Believe

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate and cost-effective care for each of our patients. Our goal is to improve hearing, communication and the overall quality of life for the patients we are privileged to serve.


Each ear is unique. Your hearing aid needs to be fine tuned to you which we are able to do with our real ear measurement process. Custom ear molds (depending on the type of hearing aid) provide a comfortable, secure fit.

Technology & Knowledge

Dr. Datino has contributed significantly to the field through her clinical work, as well as presentations at state and national workshops.

Locally Owned

Your community is our community. We believe in providing our local community with the very best speech and hearing care we can provide.

As audiologists and speech language pathologists, we focus on holistically treating all aspects of communication through diagnostics.