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Audiology and Speech Solutions is an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids in Rye, NY, and nearby locations.

Unitron is a globally-known manufacturer of hearing aids with origins in Canada dating to 1964. Unitron is proud of its history of success and commitment to offering consumers quality products offering premium performance, aesthetics, and comfort. 

Unitron’s mission is to develop products and technologies that offer a high level of personalization. The company’s guiding principle is to ensure that users must be satisfied in every area of their hearing care. Unitron aims to equip hearing aid users with empowering hearing solutions that provide support at every stage of the journey to better hearing.

Unitron Hearing Aid Technology


The Blu range of Unitron hearing aids is driven by an innovative signal processing system known as Integra OS. It offers universal connectivity and enables simple customization for a seamless listening experience perfect for daily use.

Discover Next

Discover Next is an incredible platform designed for first-time hearing aid users. It is driven by Unitron’s Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM), which provides volume and transparency for new hearing aid users’ comfort. It is intelligent enough to level up to a more powerful performance when needed. 


Unitron hearing aids operating on the Tempus platform provide a powerful solution that enables you to be in full control of your listening experience. Whether you are dining in a busy restaurant or relaxing in a quaint coffee shop, you are guaranteed to hear what matters most with clear and natural sound.

Unitron Hearing Aids 2023


Unitron Moxi hearing aids are driven by SoundCore technology composed of four intelligent components that work in tandem to comprehend varied listening contexts and create automated, seamless changes for relaxed hearing. Enjoy every conversation and forget about the fear of missing out, regardless of the level of background noise.


 Unitron Shine provides natural hearing in every listening situation. AutoMic effectively lowers and isolates unwanted noise, and can intelligently transition from omnidirectional to adaptive mode to smartly detect and reduce background noise.


Aside from its stunning design, Unitron Stride is more than just a pretty face powered by the Tempus platform. It features a comfortable fit with smart controls. It is driven by the four intelligent components of SoundCore, which work together to allow you to participate in varied listening contexts with effortless, relaxed hearing.


Unitron Max is an ideal option if you have severe to profound hearing loss. The Super Power presets of Unitron Max allow you to access settings that can be tailored to your own listening preferences. Unitron Max is a strong hearing aid but it is also intelligent enough to minimize over-amplification to allow a pleasantly clear listening experience.


Unitron Insera provides exceptional directionality in custom housings to make speech simpler to understand through the use of clear, natural sounds. Available as a complete shell, a half shell, a mini canal, a mini canal directional, an IIC, or a CIC.

Unitron Hearing Aid Apps

Unitron Remote Plus app

The Unitron Remote Plus software provides several customization options for hearing aids. It can also be used as a remote for your devices. Temporarily boost speech quality or listening comfort while using the software. You can install additional customizable programs straight within the application.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Remote Plus app
  • TV Connector
  • Remote Control
  • Remote control 2
  • IIC remote
  • uStream
  • uDirect 3
  • uDirect 2
  • uMic
  • uTV 3
  • uTV 2
  • iCube II
  • Smart Control Remote

Unitron Hearing Aids Authorized Provider in Rye, NY

At Audiology and Speech Solutions, we are committed to helping people of all ages hear better by providing state-of-the-art hearing solutions and technologies.

We are an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids in Rye, NY

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