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Audiology and Speech Solutions offers a wide selection of hearing aids in Rye, NY.

Hearing aids are an advanced solution for hearing loss. Current hearing aids are less noticeable and have better sound quality than ever before. They’re significantly different and improved compared to the hearing aids your parents wore! If you’re struggling to have conversations with family and friends, it may be time to give hearing aids a chance to improve your quality of life.

We are able to work with several of the major hearing aid manufacturers, which enables us to have flexibility in finding the device that best fits your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

If you are curious but weary of trying hearing aids, don’t worry. We offer hearing aid trials so you can be confident our choice is the right one for you!

Hearing Aid Pricing

Hearing aids can be a big investment. Most practices “bundle” their hearing aid prices. This means you pay one lump sum for the devices and all included services. It can be tricky to determine exactly what you’re paying for when this model is used. With the unbundled model, you’re able to see exactly what you’re paying for – and only get exactly what you need.

Unbundled Hearing Aids

Unbundling is an individualized service plan that makes sure you get exactly what you need – and you don’t pay for anything extra! At Audiology and Speech Solutions, each service plan comes with a set number of services to suit your specific needs. If you need additional visits or service in the future, no worries. Our pricing and fees are completely transparent, no hidden costs here.

What kinds of services might I need?

Each service plan includes three basic appointments – a baseline hearing test, a hearing aid consultation, and hearing aid fitting. In these three appointments, we will make sure you get the right hearing aids for you – and that they are appropriately fit to your hearing loss and lifestyle.

What about follow-up appointments?

Yearly hearing tests and hearing aid follow-ups are recommended. Beyond this, a different number of follow-ups are included with each plan, depending on how much support you need. Are things a little harder than you thought? Add on more appointments, no problem!

What happens if I experience technical issues with my hearing aids?

All devices, regardless of service plan, come with 2-3 year warranties in case of emergencies. Devices also come with loss and damage coverage that can be used if a device is lost or broken beyond repair.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are not designed equally – each device offers a unique set of features and technology for a specific hearing loss. What works for a person with mild hearing loss will not work for a person with severe hearing loss. Audiologists play an essential role in hearing aid selection and fitting to ensure that a patient is getting the best hearing aid or device based on their unique hearing requirement.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)

These hearing aids are great for clients with the most severe hearing loss. They offer a wide fitting range, allowing access to sounds for those who need a lot of power from a device. There are some BTE models that now offer rechargeable models as well as blue tooth streaming.

Receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids (RIC)

RIC hearing aids are appropriate for clients with mild to severe hearing loss. They are discreet and offer additional options like rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity.

In-the-ear hearing aids  (ITE)

ITE hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes and are custom fit to your ear. These hearing aids are appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Brands Available


Phonak is known to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to hearing technology and innovation. With a myriad of device options, Phonak has the right hearing aid for you, regardless of the type/degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle, your personal preferences, age, or budget.


People First is a promise: everything at Oticon begins with the people we are doing it for. This manufacturer focuses on not simply trying to help you hear more but to live more.


Your hearing experience should address your unique needs. Resound has proven to be reliable, innovative & capable of providing great sound quality design excellence.


Unitron focuses on providing stellar sound performance technology through their hearing solutions and innovations designed for life. Unitron hearing aids combine performance tracking and continuous care to create and leverage data-driven insights that help get the most from each user’s experience. 


Widex continues to provide hearing care innovation that has led to such advances as the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid. Widex also offers its very own revolutionary wireless technology and proprietary therapy for tinnitus with its Zen program.


Signia hearing aids deliver the sound that nature intended by delivering uncompromised audibility and preserving the familiar sound of your own natural voice. Signia also has several unique options for patients who suffer from tinnitus, such as Static noise tinnitus therapy signals, Ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals, and the world’s first Tinnitus Notch Therapy.

Audiologists and Hearing Aids in Rye, NY

Audiology and Speech Solutions offers a wide variety of hearing aids from leading brands and manufacturers. We’re looking forward to jumpstarting your journey to better hearing!

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