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Costco is a big-box retail store that offers big discounts to its members. Costco appears to have everything – from snacks and toiletries to electronics and home decor. Now, Costco has expanded its scope and is now offering hearing aids. How do Costco hearing aids compare to prescription hearing aids?

Advantages of Costco Hearing Aids


The very first factor that attracts customers to Costco hearing aids is the low price. While Costco sells other major hearing aid brands, it also has its own private label brand.  Kirkland hearing aids are among the best-known on the market.

Refunds and Returns

Some hearing aids offered online do not accept returns or refunds, or only do so for a limited time. Returns and refunds are permitted for Costco hearing aids, specifically Kirkland hearing aids (terms apply).


Customers can get a hearing aid at their nearest Costco branch because Costco has branches all over the United States.

Costco Hearing Aids Disadvantages

Limited availability

Costco only carries a few hearing aid brands, including ReSound, Philips, Rexton, and the Kirkland brand. If you’re looking for more options and the most recent hearing aid styles, Costco is unlikely to have what you’re looking for. Hearing aid manufacturers tend to allocate the newest hearing aid models to audiologists and private practices.

Absence of audiologists and real-ear measurements

Usually, Costco does not have audiologists on staff. Audiologists are trained to use real ear measurements to determine whether a hearing aid perfectly matches a patient’s extremely specific hearing requirements. A hearing aid’s efficiency cannot be fully optimized without accurate ear measurement.

Insurance is not accepted

Hearing aids purchased at Costco are not covered by most insurance. Customers with insurance plans can still buy hearing aids at Costco, but an invoice must be presented for reimbursement. 

Costco Hearing Aids FAQs

Who makes Costco’s Kirkland brand hearing aids?

Costco’s private label brand is Kirkland Signature. Sonova International, a Swiss hearing aid company, manufactures Kirkland hearing aids. Sonova also produces hearing aids under the Phonak, Unitron, and Hansaton brand names.

Do you have to be a member of Costco to get hearing aids?

Costco offers non-member discounts on health services such as eye exams and hearing screenings. Membership is required, however, if you need to purchase hearing aids, glasses, or contact lenses.

What to expect at Costco hearing aid centers?

  • Free product demos
  • Free hearing tests*
  • Free follow-up appointments
  • Free check-ups and hearing aid cleanings
  • Free damage and loss coverage (with no deductible)
  • Warranty periods (vary by model)


Basically, there is no such thing as “the best” or “number one” hearing aid. Each hearing aid brand and style is distinct, with features, technology, performance, and price points varying. 

From an audiologist’s point of view, we strongly advise you to consult with a professional who can walk you through the various types and styles of hearing aids. It is not only important to consider the price and affordability of a hearing aid; you must also consider the degree of hearing loss, the ear anatomy, and lifestyle. Working with someone you can trust is essential for achieving the best possible hearing enhancement.

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