Audiology & Speech

Our Mission
The team at Audiology and Speech Solutions strives every day to help people of all ages communicate better to improve your quality of life and attain the best outcomes. We provide comprehensive audiological, speech, language and auditory processing evaluations, as well as individual and group therapy, using a unique, proven and highly personalized integrated approach based on the best practices and technologies. We simply want to help you hear and communicate more easily. We do this with compassion, great scheduling, and on-time appointments, all wrapped up in a professional and comforting environment.
Dr. Nancy Datino, the Principal Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Audiology and Speech Solutions, P.C., is a provider of personalized and integrated care for individuals with hearing, speech, language and learning difficulties. With over 35 years of experience with individuals with speech, language and learning issues, hearing loss, hearing aids, and therapy, Dr. Datino provides individualized, state-of-the-art and integrated treatment by taking your unique circumstances into account.
Our Practice
Imagine not being able to hear something as soothing as melodious music, or as critical and loud as an emergency alarm. Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when your child is unable to communicate what is wrong or bothering them or is experiencing delays in speech and language? Why suffer these obstacles and challenges of communicating and conveying the simplest of concepts with your near and dear?

Audiology and Speech Solutions has been helping children and adults with virtually every type of hearing, speech and language difficulty.

Our Founder and Principal Audiologist and Speech Pathologist Dr. Nancy Datino has over 35 years of experience in helping people with hearing loss, speech and language disorders and auditory processing disorders by utilizing the latest technologies and therapeutic interventions including hearing aids. Her integrated approach to caring for her patients is centered on mutual respect for the individual and their specific needs.

We treat the whole individual, not just the hearing loss or speech difficulty. We offer expertise, experience and personalized integrated care.