In today’s world it seems like we hear noise all the time whether it is from traffic or sounds from your phone. Most sounds are harmless to our hearing, but as we continue to live in a world where silence is rare, more people are at risk for developing hearing loss because some sounds can cause serious damage to your hearing. Frequent loud and/or long-lasting sound can greatly damage your hearing. For example, an emergency siren can damage your hearing in just two minutes.[1]

As hearing loss becomes more common, audiologists and other health professionals are finding innovative ways to help protect your hearing from damaging sounds. The best way to protect your hearing is to distance yourself from loud sounds. The further away you get from the sound source, the less harm it has on your hearing. If you can’t get away from loud sound sources, please cover your ears and/or wear a hearing protection device.

The two types of hearing protection devices are ear plugs and protective earmuffs. They both protect your ears from loud noises but don’t silence it 100 percent, so you still be able to hear the noise, but it won’t damage your hearing. Hearing protection devices, moving away from loud sounds, and reducing the volume of the noise if it’s something you can control are all great ways to protect your hearing. Unfortunately hearing loss isn’t 100 percent preventable so if you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, please visit an audiologist.

At Audiology and Speech Solutions in Westchester County New York, Dr. Nancy Datino who has over 35 years of experience in this field is an expert at understanding how to protect hearing and deal with hearing loss. Many people who experience hearing loss get a hearing aid which could be a great solution. Dr. Datino works with many hearing aid manufacturers to fit her patients with the best and highest-quality hearing aid devices for their unique situation.

So in this month of October as the color of the leaves change, please do everything to protect your hearing so that you can enjoy the beautiful Fall colors and cherish the melodious sounds of nature.

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