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Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

If you are located in Rye, NY, and need to get your ears professionally cleaned, let the Audiologists at Audiology and Speech Solutions do it for you.

Earwax is often harmless and even beneficial, working as a lubricant and a protective layer to the ears. Several studies have shown that earwax has antifungal and antibacterial properties. However, since too much earwax is dangerous, it has to be managed. 

There could be an obstruction, which would make hearing difficult. When this occurs, you should have a professional clean your ears. If you’re looking for a reputable audiologist in Rye, NY, who provides professional ear cleaning and earwax removal, make an appointment at Audiology and Speech Solutions.

Why does impacted earwax occur?

Earwax blockages typically occur as a result of people manually removing earwax from their ears with cotton swabs or other tiny objects. This usually only pushes wax deeper into the ear, rather than removing it. If you suspect that your ears may use a good cleaning, it is preferable to get them professionally cleaned rather than compromising your hearing.

Aside from cotton swabs, make sure to stay away from ear candles. You might be burned by the flame or the melting wax. Candle wax may even spill into the ear canal, obstruct the flow, and temporarily impair your hearing. After ear candling procedures, there have been cases of eardrums being injured. Take note that no medical application for ear candles has been authorized by the FDA.

Headphones and hearing aids can also lead to earwax issues.  These “foreign” items in the ear might increase ear wax production. As a result, it makes more earwax in an effort to shield the ears. In addition to that, they may also obstruct the ear’s normal self-cleaning process. 

What happens when an audiologist cleans your ears?

A substantial amount of earwax will be removed from the ear using specialized instruments and equipment, loosening any dirt and ear wax in the process. Before conducting professional ear cleaning or wax removal, audiologists will physically inspect the ears to check for any blockages, impactions, or perforations.

One of the various hearing care services provided at Audiology and Speech Solutions is expert ear cleaning. We take great pride in providing expert ear cleanings that are done in a sanitary, efficient, and safe method.

When the earwax is taken out, your ears may feel clearer and any pressure, discomfort, or itching should go away. Additionally, if impacted earwax was the cause of the hearing loss, a substantial improvement in hearing loss may be experienced.

How often should you get your ears professionally cleaned?

There isn’t really a defined frequency for cleaning the ears because earwax production varies from person to person. Every six to twelve months, or as directed by your audiologist, it is advisable that you get your ears professionally cleaned.

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide in the ears?

When used properly, hydrogen peroxide may be a dependable ear-cleaning agent. However, blistering and other forms of skin irritation are possible side effects of using hydrogen peroxide. When cleaning the ears with this kind of solution, you need to be extra careful. It would be preferable to get in touch with an audiologist and get your ears professionally cleaned if you have any queries, doubts, or concerns regarding ear cleaning or earwax removal.

Why is having your ears cleaned by a professional advantageous?

If you want to keep your ears healthy, you must get professional ear cleanings. Audiologists can assess your ears’ general health throughout this procedure and provide any advice or treatment that is required to maintain them healthy.

By having your ears cleaned professionally, the possibility of unintentionally damaging or puncturing your eardrums is eliminated. Remember, one poor decision might lead to catastrophic consequences, such as hearing loss. Ditch the cotton buds and make an appointment for a professional ear cleaning now. Only trust audiologists with your hearing.

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