improve your hearing

How can you improve your hearing?

Audiologists promote healthy hearing and communication by ensuring that your hearing health is in the best condition. We also provide tips on how to improve your hearing and prevent hearing loss (or further hearing damage).

Anyone at any stage of life can have hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur before birth. Others experience hearing loss over time in a progressive manner. There are additional causes of hearing loss besides ones related to lifestyle or the environment.

It should come as no surprise that many people seek answers on how to improve hearing or how to restore hearing. As audiologists, we face these questions on a regular basis, and while each hearing loss or concern is unique, below are some general tips that can help improve hearing.

Protect your hearing

The most frequent and easily avoidable cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud sounds. It is recommended to wear reliable hearing protection if you know that you are going to a place or event with loud sounds (i.e concerts, fireworks displays, hunting, etc). When using headphones or earbuds, make sure the volume is not too loud (not above 60%) to prevent hearing damage. It would be a good idea to consult with your audiologist about the appropriate occupational hearing protection if your job involves frequent exposure to loud noises.

Keep your ears dry to prevent infections

The ear canals are warm and dark, making it simple for bacteria or fungus to grow there. Water might seep into your ears if you swim or take more showers in the summer. This allows germs and fungus to flourish in your ear by removing the wax that serves as a barrier. Water pollutants including bacteria and chemicals are frequently found in bath, shower, and pool water.

Otitis externa, sometimes referred to as swimmer’s ear, is an ear infection. Infection frequently causes symptoms including discomfort, itching, discharge, fullness, and air conduction deafness. It can take up to six weeks, often more, for swimmer’s ear to heal.

Improve Your Hearing Through a Healthy Lifestyle

A known risk factor for hearing loss is smoking. Exposure to cigarette smoke, whether direct, secondhand, or even in pregnancy, has repeatedly been found to negatively affect a person’s hearing health. Smoking can worsen health conditions, such as hearing loss.

Be on the lookout for earwax accumulation

It’s natural to have ear wax, but too much can be uncomfortable and can impair hearing. Never try to remove the wax yourself since you run the risk of harming the delicate lining of the ear canal, piercing the eardrum, and moving the wax further into the ear canal.

Ear wax accumulation can impair hearing and make sounds feel muffled. Because you risk damaging the delicate ear canal lining, you shouldn’t attempt to clean earwax on your own. To find out more about your choices, speak with an audiologist. Concerns about excessive earwax can frequently be resolved by professional earwax removal.

Regular hearing testing

Due to the fact that hearing declines with age, you should have your hearing examined more regularly as you get older. To find out more about how you can improve your hearing, speak with an audiologist.

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